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Business Insurance is fundamental to the financial protection of your company. At NewSure Insurance Brokers, we have spent the past 21 years helping a diverse range of businesses to secure the right coverage. Our dedicated brokers offer specialist support with both corporate and small business insurance, providing peace of mind to companies from Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Sydney and Illawarra region. We assist our clients with all of their local, interstate and international risk exposures.

What’s included in a Business Package insurance policy?

Our business insurance packs provide comprehensive protection against a range of risks to your company. Depending on the nature of your business, your package can combine any or all of the below cover options.

Property Damage

Covers the repair and replacement of business property, such as buildings, contents, production materials and stock.

Business Interruption

Can cover the loss of any income you would have made while your business is unable to operate, plus any additional costs your incur to stay open.

Theft of Property

Covers any burglary or physical harm to business assets and stock at the premises as a result of theft or armed hold-up.

Public & Products Liability

Covers your legal obligation to compensate for third-party personal injury or property damage, as well as any fees for defending such a claim.

Loss of Money

Covers any physical loss or damage to money during a variety of specified events, including while in transit, stored in a private residence or kept at your premises.

Glass Breakage

Covers damage to fixed glass or signs both on the inside and outside of your business, including the cost to replace sign-writing on any broken glass.

Machinery Breakdown

Covers the expenses associated with the malfunction of your mechanical equipment.

Electronic Equipment Breakdown

Covers the expenses associated with the malfunction of your electrical equipment, such as the office computer system.

Goods in Transit

Covers the physical loss and damage to products in transit by any method of transport, either within Australia or abroad.

General Property

Covers any physical loss or damage to portable equipment, tools and devices used for business functions.

Tax Audit & Investigation

Covers any reasonable and necessary professional fees incurred in relation to a tax audit or other government investigation.

Stand Alone Business Insurance Policies

Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

Whether your business uses Utes, trucks or bulldozers, it’s vital to protect these vehicles with a comprehensive policy that covers damage, loss, theft and third-party liability. Our specialists will tailor your commercial vehicle insurance to suit specific requirements so that your business can continue to accelerate.

Public & Products Liability Insurance

Accidents and mistakes can happen in any business, so it is important take measures that protect your business from the financial risk of liability claims. Public & Products Liability Insurance is recommended for all businesses. It can help protect you from the costs associated with causing personal injury and/or property damage to third parties including clients, customers and the public, caused by your business operations or products.

Commercial Landlords Insurance

Receive comprehensive cover in the event of loss or damage to your building, contents and rental income. Our insurance brokers can tailor this policy to suit your property’s structure and tenancy agreement, covering everything from single-room offices to multi-storey shopping centres.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If your business charges a fee for its advice, you need protection against claims for professional negligence, errors or omissions. From accountants and advertising agencies to contracted engineers and management consultants, we can provide a personalised insurance package to cover your business’ precise needs.

Trades Insurance

To get the job done safely, you need comprehensive and flexible insurance for your handiwork. This policy should include everything from public and products liability to commercial motor vehicle and your tools of trade. Whether you’re a carpenter, electrician or plumber, we can help you to secure the right cover for your trade.

Plant & Equipment Insurance

This insurance is for suppliers, owners or operators of plants and equipment across agriculture, construction, mining and other industries. Whether you’re on the field or in the warehouse, you can protect your business against risks such as third-party injury, machinery loss, fire damage and theft.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Protect your employees against unexpected travel expenses. Whether it’s cancelled flights and missed connections or lost luggage and overseas medical fees, you can relax knowing that every business trip is covered. Our insurance brokers can arrange a comprehensive policy that suits your corporate travel needs.

Cyber Liability  & Privacy Protection Insurance

Cover the direct costs of data and technology loss with cyber liability insurance. This includes a range of risks on the rise, from virus attacks and email server crashes to online identity fraud and data theft. We can customise your policy according to business size, technological dependence and internet usage.

Management Liability Insurance

Protect your business and private assets from the wide variety of risks associated with running a company. This policy covers any claim resulting from employee actions, as well as investigation, defence, settlement and compensation costs. We can help both small and large businesses customise this coverage to suit their operations.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Reduce your financial risk with insurance cover for damage, loss or theft of items in transit. Marine cargo insurance protects your imports and exports while in the air, on land or at sea. Our team are highly experienced in organising tailored marine insurance packages for all journeys, no matter the mode of transport.

Construction Insurance

Protect your business against loss, damage or injury during construction. As a builder, you may have a contractual obligation to insure the building project, third-party property and onsite materials. We can arrange this cover for any civil, commercial and residential construction project, no matter its size. Annual and Single project policies available.

Farm Insurance

Insure your farm, livestock and produce against events such as machinery breakdown, third-party injury and property theft or damage. Whether you’re a mass producer or a local smallholding, our brokers can provide a tailored insurance package to protect your agricultural business.

IT Liability Insurance

Combine your professional indemnity and public liability coverage with one policy designed specifically for companies in the Information Technology industry. This insurance will cover your business for breach of professional duty, third-party injury and property damage caused by your goods, services or advice.

Medical Indemnity & Medical Malpractice Insurance

This policy provides cover for any negligent acts, errors or omissions resulting from a breach of professional duty whilst delivering a healthcare service. Whether you’re a day surgery, general practice or nursing home, our brokers can personalise a comprehensive policy to protect your medical business.

Mining Rehabilitation Bonds

Protect your mining company against failure to rehabilitate land by taking out an insurance premium. Your provider will enter a surety bond with the State Government on your behalf, covering costs if your business is unable to meet rehabilitation obligations. For tailored advice on mining rehabilitation bonds, contact our team today.

Industrial Special Risks Insurance

Best suited to larger businesses with high-value physical assets, industrial special risks (ISR) insurance covers property damage caused by any event not excluded under the policy. Our team can assess your business’ circumstances to determine whether an ISR policy is recommended.

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